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IT Suite

UK Online Center

The learning is FREE All, all age groups and gender are welcome to attend. You will need to register at our centre. With UK Online you can:-

  • Use the internet to contact friends and family home or abroad
  • Shopping online. This is often cheaper than the price in the retail shops.
  • Seek information about your hobbies/interests.
  • Set up e-mail addresses and learn to use correctly.


Other services offered

  • Check your emails here.
  • Print your photos and documents
  • Internet search
  • Help with designing and printing CV
  • Upload your CV to job search sites
  • Apply for jobs online

Our I.T. suite is fully equipped. All welcome regardless of age or ability. Assistance is available to help and advise.

Please feel free to call in and have a chat about what you would like to do.

Our ICT courses are accredited. English and Maths accreditation is through HIGHFIELD Qualification.

Please see our Courses page for further details.

For more information please phone 2853093 or use our contact details.

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